Praise Be to the Plus-Sized Sister:
Stories of Redemption for Full-Figured Women
with Modern-Day Issues...
By, Kamane' Malvo Marshall
$19.99 paperback/$23.99 hardback
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Praise Be to the Plus-Sized Sister is a semi-autobiographical tale of seven women from the San Francisco Bay Area who are connected to each other by six-degrees-of-separation. Seeking redemption from heartbreak, infidelity, poor choices, rejection, self-sabotage, low self-esteem, and emotional and physical abuse, Natasha, Zinnia, Israel, Addison, Celeste, Lila, and Liberty endure the social and psychological pressures of being full-figured black women in a thin obsessed society. With wit, intelligence, glamour and style, and a twofold portion of sass, these soulful sisters possess faith in the midst of the storm, hope when tomorrow is not promised, and strength of character when giving up seems easier than doing the right thing. Praise Be to the Plus-Sized Sister is made up of six stories of redemption: Out of the Mind of Israel Ming, Daddy's Girls, The Vibrator Virgin, Count it all joy, Saving Sister Jared, and Forgiving Liberty. Beautifully flawed, audaciously determined, and at times downright hilarious, Praise Be to the Plus-Sized Sister represents a new voice, an underrepresented story about the struggle of a unique minority group that has been misunderstood for a long time. Written in the rich and colorful language of the African American experience, by no means is this book tame. It deals with real issues women endure in modern day society, paying special attention to plus-sized African American females who confront prejudice and discrimination on three fronts: race, gender, and size. With messages of hope, self-acceptance, and second chances, Kamane' Malvo Marshall encourages her readers to keep the faith no matter what.
"Kamane' Malvo Marshall is fearless when it comes to creating relate-able characters and real-life personal dilemmas; from infidelity to spirituality, she covers the gamut.  I was able to relate to this book because the characters were tangible and in some ways mirrored my own personal life experiences.  Characters like 'Liberty Charles' and 'Israel Ming' embody what normal people go through in their day-to-day lives. To pretend that certain 'taboos' don't happen; to ignore what really goes on behind closed doors, fails to validate some of our truths. Praise Be to the Plus-Sized Sister is timely truth-telling: something that we all need more of. "
Seanna Poole White,
Medical Biller and mother of three.
"Praise Be to the Plus-Sized Sister vividly illustrated for me that the marginalization of fat women clearly crosses all racial and ethnic lines. While reading the experiences of the women portrayed in this book, I found myself reliving similar experiences of my own. As we move forward to bring about a much needed cultural shift in America, our voices truly can blend and we can all be heard as ONE!"
 Peggy Howell, Fat Activist
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