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"Starting a change revolution is impossible if you refuse to accept that you are indeed beautifully flawed.  There is power in acceptance because it is the first step to overcoming obstacles." -- Queenie TT 
The female aesthetic is constantly under attack in Westernized culture.  Women are bombarded with media messages that their value is based on how they look rather than who they are inside.  An extremely narrow minded view of acceptable beauty adversely affects women who do not fall into those categories.  Subsequently women are suffering multidimensional psychosocial disorders that lead to anxiety, depression, food and weight issues, low self-esteem, and poor body image. 
-- Queenie TT
Sharing her incredible return to health journey that includes a weight-loss of over 250 pounds, battling low self-esteem, and food addiction, surviving a co-dependent, needs-based toxic marriage, beating acute hypothyroidism, congestive heart failure, Stage II and III bilateral leg Lymphedema that included a removal of a 15-pound Lymphedema nodule, which is a tumor like mass in June of 2014, Comedienne Queenie (Kamane' Malvo Marshall) combines comedy with motivational speaking to inspire a collective "self-esteem boost" among men and women of all ages.   She offers effective tools to assist individuals with developing appropriate coping mechanisms to overcome challenges associated with low self-esteem and poor body image. 
Still a transparent work-in-progress herself, Queenie's message encourages individuals battling body esteem issues like she has throughout her return to health journey to embrace the power of self-love while developing plausible solutions that empower change, transformation and self-improvement. 
"The human being is constantly evolving.  Embrace the evolution, and love yourself through the process of change."
 -- Queenie TT

What is Body Esteem?
A person's attitude about their body.

"How you see yourself whether good or bad impacts the quality of your life. You will have what you say. 
You will act out how you feel about yourself."
                                                                              --Queenie TT


"Instead of attacking individuals with preachy rhetoric that makes people feel bad, why not change the message by promoting a change from the inside out?  Specifically for those who have vices like drinking, smoking, or overeating, there is always a "hidden" issue as to why individuals chose to anesthetize with substances instead of dealing with what is actually making them abuse themselves.  If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing with the expectation of a different result; hearing the surgeon general telling us how fat we are getting is not sufficient enough of a warning to usher in a change of perception and reception of healthier lifestyle choices. Everyone is fully aware of the health risks of carrying around extra weight, and yet our collective waistbands are increasing.  So it's deeper than just cutting calories. What we are talking about here is a spiritual deficit that can be made whole if we allow ourselves to access the power of self-love.  The first step to overcoming anything is to admit that there is a problem.  Once that is made plainly clear healing can begin.  Therefore it is important for each one of us to do the necessary work to experience the very best that life has to offer.  We all have the power to create desirable outcomes.  We are all great works in progress." --Queenie TT

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I'm the same woman in both photos. Thank you. It's not a race it's a journey that I am still on. Who cares how much weight I've lost at this point? Let's focus on all the positives I've gained shall we? I have improved the quality and the quantity of my life. Now I'm shaping and molding it into what I want it to be. BIGGEST MOST SURPRISING LESSON SO FAR: It's not about what I look like it's about who I am on the inside. Having the privilege at living at all sizes of woman, I'm an expert on perception at this point. Real talk: People are shallow and if you don't have a good relationship with yourself, you are going to have a very difficult time navigating relationships with others. SELF REVELATION: I've been beautiful this entire time. I just didn't know it. I've been equipped this entire time with all that I needed to have the life I wanted, I just didn't recognize it because I was drowning in low self-esteem that manifested itself in sickness and disease. That is my truth. What's yours? It's never too late to have a change revolution in your life. I'm still in the middle of mine and finding value in the hardest most arduous part of it as I'm approaching the finish line. My finish line is returning back to TRADITIONAL FULL-TIME WORK, kissing permanent disability good bye and being on a lymphedema maintenance program. I'm almost there. It's not easy but it's all good! And I'm counting it all joy! Why? Because you have to be alive to count. Dead people can't see numbers because their eyes are closed. Giving God the glory because He did it. I just dared to believe, got up, put some shoes on my faith, and refused to give up.

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Please share my story with others. My struggle was not just for me it was for all of us to stay encouraged WHETHER WE BELIEVE IN MIRACLES OR NOT.


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