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THE PLUS-SIZED SISTER MOVEMENT - In the arms of God, there is no weight capacity...
Queenie TT
"I love performing stand-up comedy because laughter is healing!"  -- Queenie TT
Meet Comedienne Queenie TT,
a sassy sister with a story to tell...
Sharing her incredible return to health journey that includes a weight-loss of over 250 pounds, beating congestive heart failure, acute hypothyroidism, and successfully managing the disability of bilateral leg lymphedema, Queenie TT  (Kamane' Malvo Marshall) combines comedy with motivational speaking to inspire a collective self-esteem boost to all that enters her queendom.   Queenie wasn’t born with a disability. She was diagnosed with Stage II and Stage III bilateral leg lymphedema as an adult, which resulted in medical weight gain and the development of a 15-pound –tumorous-mass also known as a lymphedema nodule that had to be surgically removed in June of 2014.  Queenie walked around with this mass on her leg from the years of 2008 to 2014, losing weight around it, until she was healthy enough to receive the necessary surgery to have it removed. There is no cure for lymphedema just treatment, but the psychological effects are long-lasting.  As a motivational speaker and body esteem educator to women learning to live well with disabilities, Queenie offers effective coping mechanisms to overcome challenges associated with low self-esteem and poor body image. Queenie's body-positive message encourages women to embrace the power of self-love while developing plausible solutions that empower change, transformation and self-improvement with the overall goal being total wellness.  Known for her signature naughty-but-nice, super-sassy, high-energy comedic style, Queenie regularly performs at The Punch Line San Francisco, Cobb’s Comedy Club, The San Jose Improv, Tommy T’s, Rooster T. Feathers, and Flapper’s Comedy Club and has opened for national headliners. Queenie's appearances also include The Talk on CBS, The Game Show Network, and The Michael Colyar Morning show at RMC On Air.com. She is the author of Praise Be to The Plus-Sized Sister available at Amazon.com, host and producer of The Curves N Cupcakes Comedy Tour, models in fashion shows, and was the featured cover model for LIC and BBW Beauties magazines.  Queenie is also a multi-dimensional talent.
She sings, acts, and is a go-go bellydancer. Queenie uses her gifts to advocate for marginalized voices and is a regular featured guest comedian in the Comedians with Disabilities Act who just released their first CD "Disabled Comedy Only!" on ITunes. Queenie is also a Lymphedema Ambassador for the National Lymphedema Network.

 Queenie TT lost her hair to Alopecia and uses a wig bit to educate her audience about being a sexy empowered bald woman. Queenie TT was born to break down stereotypes one punch line at a time. It's not just comedy. It's an experience.
I've been performing all of my life, but stand-up comedy is my passion. This amazing art form has been a place of healing for me. After being diagnosed with Stage II Lymphedema Acute Hypothyroidism, the state of California deemed me permanently disabled as there is no cure. This was a wake up call for me all the way around. A year later I wrote and published a novel, Praise Be to the Plus-Sized Sister, which was a dream of mine since receiving my undergraduate degree in 2002. The brash and sassy character of Queenie TT was birthed from that endeavor. 
Where it all began
Encouraged by my readers, I wrote a one-woman comedy show, Introducing Queenie TT and began performing within the Gay and Lesbian coffee house community in Sacramento. The LGBT community accepted me with open arms; celebrating my interesting dynamic: Baptist Christian, full-figured black woman who at the time was in an interracial marriage to an average-sized Irishman. However, true stand-up comedy began within the Pepperbellys and Tommy T's comedy communities. At the time I was still cane dependent and couldn't even stand during a five minute set. Well, you should see me now. Not only do I perform 60 to 90 minute comedic sets standing up; at the end of each show, I perform one of my signature TT dances that range from freestyle hip hop to classical belly-dance. The most requested dance form is my tongue-in-cheek interpretation of "Big Booty Burlesque!"
My comedy is universal social commentary told from the unique perspective of an educated, multicultural, full-figured African American woman from the suburbs, raised in an upper-middle class, two-parent household like a "Cosby Kid."  Extraordinarily gifted in storytelling and physical comedy, I deliver my punch lines like my life depends on it. I have a high-energy show filled with wit, charm, sass appeal, music, singing, dancing, inspiration, and funny.
Like Beyonce has Sasha Fierce, “Queenie TT” is my alter ego. When I was weighing well over 400 pounds, she was my plus-sized super hero, dispelling social myths about what it meant to be a “Big Black Woman” in an image-obsessed society. Since I've lost hundreds of pounds, my voice has shifted, naturally adjusting to the woman I am today. However, Queenie is still very much pro-female! With measurements of 33-28-40,  I am still a curvy woman. So it is still appropriate for me to proclaim with sister-girl vibrato that "When I look in the mirror, I see Hall Berry on protein snacks!" This line brings the house down every time. I love Queenie TT because she's fearless, empowering, and inspirational. Having the privilege at living at all sizes of woman, qualifies me to be an advocate of female empowerment, period. My current dress size has absolutely nothing to do with encouraging women to love themselves just as they are because beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors! I know what it means to be super-sized and I know what it means to be averaged-sized. No matter what I'm weighing, I will always have to manage my way through misogyny and racism.
February 2015 celebrates my fifth-year anniversary of studying and performing the artform of stand-up comedy. So far I've opened up for national headliners: Shang, Mike E. Winfield, Luenell, Cocoa Brown, Michael Blackson, Tony Roberts, Rodney Perry, and Scruncho. I've performed in numerous professional shows at the San Jose Improv, Flappers Comedy Club, Tommy T's, The Punchline, Laughs Unlimited, Pepperbellys, The Purple Onion, and The Black Repertory Theatre. I’m a regular in the underground comedy scene in the cities of Sacramento, Stockton, Modesto, Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Rosa, and more recently, Los Angeles. I’ve performed in fundraisers, at fashion shows, birthday and holiday parties, belly-dance haflas, and poetry slams. Additionally, I produce the successful comedy show series, Queenie TT's Comedy Gumbo, Queenie TT and Friends, The Curves-N-Cupcakes Comedy Tour, and The Powerhouse Divas Comedy Jam! I am the author of Praise Be to the Plus-Sized Sister: Stories of Redemption for Full-Figured Women with Modern Day Issues written in my birth name, Kamane’ Malvo Marshall. In June of 2012, I received a Master's Degree in Human Services, Gerontology from Capella University.
Beginner Stand Up Comedy Workshop, Greg Dean
Fundamentals of Stand Up Comedy, Tony Sparks
MA Human Services Gerontology, Capella University
BA Mass Communications, Journalism,
California State University, East Bay
AA English, Solano Community College
 This journey has been amazing and it's only just begun!
--With Love & Appreciation
Queenie TT

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