Queenie TT's Biography
In her own words...
I've been performing all of my life, but stand-up comedy is my passion. This amazing art form has been a place of healing for me. After being diagnosed with Stage II Lymphedema Acute Hypothyroidism, the state of California deemed me permanently disabled as there is no cure. This was a wake up call for me all the way around. A year later I wrote and published a novel, Praise Be to the Plus-Sized, which was a dream of mine since graduating from college in 2002.
The brash and sassy character of Queenie TT was birthed from that endeavor.
Encouraged by my readers, I wrote a one-woman comedy show and began performing within the Gay and Lesbian coffee house community in Sacramento. The LGBT community accepted me with open arms; celebrating my interesting dynamic: Baptist Christian, full-figured black woman married to an average-sized Irish dude. However, true stand-up comedy began within the Pepperbellys and Tommy T's comedy communities. At the time I was still cane dependent and couldn't even stand during a five minute set. Well, you should see me now. Not only do I perform 60 minute comedic sets standing up; at the end of each show, I perform one of my signature TT dances that range from freestyle hip hop to classical belly-dance.
My comedy is universal and ranges from Bill Cosby clean to Lisa Lampanelli blue.
Ultimately, my message is about self-love, dispelling social myths about what it means to be a full-figured African-American woman in a thin-obsessed, misogynistic, racist, ageist, and overtly prejudiced society. In my act, I proclaim with sister-girl vibrato that "When I look in the mirror, I see Halle Berry on snacks!" This line brings the house down every time. I love me some Queenie TT because she's fearless, empowering, and inspirational.
February 2012 was my two-year anniversary of studying and performing the art form of stand-up comedy. So far I've opened up for Luenell, Tony Roberts, Rodney Perry, and Scruncho.  I've performed in professional shows at Flappers Comedy Club, Tommy T's, Laughs Unlimited, Pepperbellys, The Purple Onion, Actor's Theatre, Celestine's, Velma's, Miss Pearl's Jam House, and Kimballs Carnival. This past year I've performed in fundraisers, at fashion shows, birthday and holiday parties, belly-dance haflas, and poetry slams. 
Additionally, I produce two sucessful comedy show series, Queenie TT's Comedy Gumbo, Queenie TT and Friends and the reality show webisode, The Crazy Fabulous Show!  In June of 2012, I will be receiving a Master's Degree in Human Services, Gerontology from Capella University.
This journey has been amazing and it's only just begun!
With Love,
Queenie TT

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