Self Love Cancels Out Hate!
Be Empowered By Embracing Your True And Authentic Self
 This page is dedicated to the messages of size acceptance, self-love, diversity, and embracing the power of brother-and-sisterhood.  God commands us to love one another like we would like to be loved. Periodically, I will post a new video that promotes these very messages.  Please feel free to offer your video for posting or inform me of a video that you think would be an effective size positive message to share.
Words have power.   The challenge is knowing when to receive or reject  the message.   Negative words can be repelled with a healthy dose of  self love.  Declare yourself  beautiful today.
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Айда Хасcан (belly dancer Aida Hassan) reporting from bellydancing.ru
Всероссийский фестиваль танца живота "Кубок Черноземья", Воронеж. 17-18 марта 2012 года.Belly dance Russian Festival "Cup of Chernozem region", Voronezh. 17-18 March 2012.
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