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“I am Recommending [that] everyone read her book, Praise Be to the Plus-Sized Sister. I support her as a strong role model for all young plus-sized ladies."Queen Diamond, Owner, Queen Diamond LLC
This young lady is amazing! She has drive and heart that permeates all that she does. Her passion to provide positive self image for others is a God given mission that she lives everyday. It was a privilege to study with her and now a blessing to call her a friend.” Connie Kyle, Executive Support Specialist, Oregon Department of Corrections
"From the minute I met Kamane' I knew she was destined to entertain. It may have been in Jr. High but I knew. Kamane' was thrust into an almost total "white-skinny' world and instead of hiding behind her 'black-plus sized' body she tried out for cheerleading! I instantly idolized her (even though she did not know it). Here I was a struggling size 9 in a size 3 world and Kamane' (larger than a 9) took on the school like it was her own personal fan club; so I signed on as President. I believe God created Kamane' to touch an impression in the hearts, minds and souls of all she meets. Kamane' has taught me that I can do anything...ANYTHING!"Kearsten Gilbert-Weeks, friend, fan, former classmate at Will C. Wood High School, photographer, and Editor of Elise Magazine.
"Kamane' is truly an inspirational being. Her liveliness, honesty and courage to be herself and tell it like it is speaks volumes. If anyone can lead in the Plus Sized Sister Movement it's her." Kris Jones, Freelance Writer, and contributing correspondent to The Tempest Newspaper.
"The thing about Kamane' is she has always projected a confident, beautiful, and selfless woman. The fact that she is plus sized or any other adjective you would like to insert she has always been herself. She is genuine and real and that is inspirational and motivational. She is my sista from another mother because throughout our lives growing up in Vacaville, she has managed to make a mark for herself that has transcended race, age, sex, gender and sexual orientation. I am so blessed to have been a part of her life as everyone whom comes into her realm or presence will encounter. Kamane' Malvo [Marshall] is the real thing and don't you forget it!" Ron Thompson, Sales Coordinator, Aflac, friend, fan, and former classmate at Will C. Wood High School.
"Kamane' Malvo Marshall is a dynamite woman and a joy to be around. She is an inspiration to many women and men alike, and she is irreplaceable. Her spirit is refreshing, motivating and her presence allows you to feel at ease with the world around you.  Her commitment to size acceptance is a testament of her ability to encourage others to love everyone no matter what their size is. The plus sized sista movement is here and it's not going any where. I highly recommend Kamane' as a comedian, inspirational speaker, and as a fashionista"Wanda Williams, friend, mentor, advocate, and sister-in-Christ.
"Mrs. Kamane' Malvo Marshall, to call her a visionary would be an understatement... to call her inspirational would pale in comparison to who she truly is.  I was fortunate enough to encounter her spirit and light at the age of 15.  As a mousy, introverted, unsure and afraid of my surroundings foolish teenager; Kamane' was truly my beacon.  Her energy was so infectious that I couldn't help but be inspired by everything she put forth on any given day. Watching her, being around her, seeing how she carried her spirit out and in the open for all to see, making no excuses or qualms about her being; showed me that I too could be the very person I am today:  A proud, loud (in a good way), outspoken, EXTROVERTED individual! I owe my voice to her.  Kamane', you may never have known what you gave to me with the gift of your friendship, but it is far more than I could ever repay. My hope is that others will be as fortunate as the rest of us who smile at the thought of you each day. Peace, Love & Light Mama! A true queen you are!" Danielle Cortijo-Clarke, Quality Assurance Associate, FM Global, friend, and former classmate at Will C. Wood High School
"Miss Queen TT! As always, this woman brings the heat. Every show I have ever booked her for, she's been sensational and a crowd favorite." Charlie Ballard, producer of the Totally Gay Comedy Show  http://www.charlieballard.com/
"Queenie TT, You did an awesome job! I was so excited to be apart of your group. My friends and I would love to be your VIP for life. That performance was PURE Funny. Thank you for the experience!!!" Clesia Smith, full-figured diva, comedy fan, and member of the Bay Area Beautiful Ones.
"Still U Rise!  Thank you for your life of inspiration. You are amazing. I am so happy to see that you have carried the women of our family to the next level. Keep Pushing Up….You Got This!" Kim Saunders, cousin, comedy fan, and best friend.
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